Why should we hire you?

General Questions

What do we do if we’re super awkward in front of the camera? Will you pose us?

I value the uniqueness of every couple’s individual love story + wedding day. My job is to not only deliver you an unforgettable wedding film, but provide an unforgettable experience as well for both you and your family and friends. The photographer and I are with you more than anyone on your wedding day, and you need someone to alleviate your stress while capturing every specific detail, and I can promise that I will deliver that.

This is actually one of my most asked questions from my couples, and I can promise you that the second you're in front of my camera, you will not feel uncomfortable whatsoever. I take pride in my ability to bring out the real moments in each of my couples and create a fun + catered experience specifically to you and your partner’s personalities and energy. Even though I stress real and raw moments, I’ll of course hop in from time to time and pose you both at any moment as well while guiding you the entire time.

Why so expensive?

I really want a wedding video but my partner doesn’t. Should I move forward with videography?

I spend up to 50+ hours on each of my films and it’s so important for me to put my all into each couple’s story. When you invest in me, you’re getting a unique and unforgettable experience.

I’m searching for couples that are both equally invested and excited as I am for their wedding day to be captured through video. Since I spend so much time on each wedding film and with each couple, I fit best with couples that want the same!

What happens if something happens to your camera on the day of the wedding?

Do you shoot alone or do you have a second shooter? Are you able to capture everything on your own?

After being in the industry for 8+ years, I’ve experienced it all… from failed memory cards, to dead batteries, to camera malfunctions, weather issues, you name it. I come more than prepared to every wedding with multiple cameras, lenses, memory cards, and batteries as backups for what I’m already using on your wedding day.

I’ve actually filmed every single one of my weddings on my own since day one and have nailed down the perfect system to capture it all while shooting solo, which is also planned out through the packages that I offer. If of course you are hesitant and would like a second shooter alongside me, I offer that as an add-on in addition to any of my packages.